Fabrication DDS Inc. Lamp shade frames, bright zinc plating and electrostatic powder coating
Iron phosphate spray coating line (3 stages)
Superior quality bright zinc electroplating
#1 manual
Superior quality bright zinc electroplating
#2 automated
Equipment and processes
STAGE 1 Cleaner heated to 160°F. Note:
Clear water rinse after each stage,
from 1 to 5.
STAGE 2 Cleaner electrically heated to 140°F.
STAGE 3 Muriatic acid (40% concentration).
STAGE 4 Bright zinc electroplating.
STAGE 5 Drying.
STAGE 6 Séchoir.
Reservoir Specifications
23''   width
42'' depth
93'' length

Maximum Part Specifications
10''   width
20'' depth
12'' length
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