Fabrication DDS Inc. Lamp shade frames, bright zinc plating and electrostatic powder coating
Iron phosphate spray coating line (3 stages)
Superior quality bright zinc electroplating
#1 manual
Superior quality bright zinc electroplating
#2 automated
Equipment and processes
STAGE 1 Cleaner and iron phosphate are heated to 43.3-54°C (110°F-130°F).
STAGE 2 Ambiant water rinse.
STAGE 3 Cryscoat ultra seal rinse is applicable on steel, aluminum, zinc, and their alloys. Cryscoat ultra seal reacts with the phoisphated metal surface and enhances its paint bonding and corrosion resistance properties.

Convection oven heated to 150°C (320°F).

Electrostatic powder coating system (GEMA).

Convection oven, temperatures up to 250°C (500°F).

Maximum Part Specifications
36''   width
60'' height
144'' length
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